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Expert Audit Protection & Representation
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Mann & Company CPA's has been operating as a successful CPA firm for 20 years. Our clientele is located nationwide and we provide unparalleled tax expertise on a national level. 

Throughout this time frame we have had four of our clients undergo Audit Examinations by the Internal Revenue Service related to Stock Trading Activities.  We have successfully defended all four cases, with no changes to their income tax returns.  In addition, we've defended numerous other audit cases in which we were not the preparer of the tax return.  We have also been successful in most of those cases as well.

We have either eliminated or successfully defended over $2,300,000 in income tax assessments. 

We are professional, knowledgeable, successful and aggressive.  We know the methods that work, and those that do not work. 

If you are currently undergoing an audit examination by the Internal Revenue Service, or simply need advice on a particular tax issue, please don't hesitate to contact our firm.

Thank you,

Paul S. Mann CPA

Mann & Company CPA's P.C.


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