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Schedule D Reconciliation Services
D A Y T R A D E R T A X . C O M
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Thank you for your interest in our DayTraderTax Schedule D Reconciliation Package.  Our goal is to assist you, the active trader, in dramatically reducing your tax liabilities.  (See our other products at DayTraderTax.com.)  Most pre-packaged trade log software packages make grievous errors that can end up costing you thousands in taxes.  Why not have your stock trades reconciled, affordably & accurately, with the added benefit of a CPA consultation for a comparable price and better quality as outlined below:

If you prefer to prepare your own tax return but hate the hassle of reconciling all of your stock trades, we've got an answer for you.

We are going to reconcile all of your 2018 stock trading activity and prepare a schedule D that you can then insert into your tax return.   We'll make all the wash sale calculations and provide you with a completed Schedule D with full supporting documentation.  The cost of this service is $0.15 per transaction, with a minimum fee of $150.00. Discounts are available for high volume traders; please contact our office for a personalized quote.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

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