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Self Help Tax Guides
D A Y T R A D E R T A X . C O M
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 All New 2019 Tax Guides Are Here

We offer the following Tax Guides geared to the "do-it-yourself" Active Trader.   These guides can be purchased alone or with Telephone Consultation for traders who would like the opportunity to review the material with one of our CPA's.  For more detailed information of each of these guides and all of our other products and services, please refer to the DaytraderTax Product List Page.

Daytrader Tax Introductory Guide
This package provides a basic understanding of trader status, what it means to you as a stock trader, and provides basic instruction about how to elect trader status

Daytrader Tax Comprehensive Guide
A complete information package for the trader, including comprehensive tax return examples, necessary IRS forms and regulations. This package contains everything the active trader needs to elect MMA.

Daytrader Tax Business Tax Preparation Guide Guide
Our new Daytradertax Business Tax Preparation Guide is designed specifically for those individuals who set up a business entity to enhance the tax aspects of their trading activities and would like examples of how to properly prepare a business entity trader tax return. Provided are two comprehensive tax return examples, both S Corporation (form 1120S) and an LLC (form 1065). Also included is a guide to making the Mark to Market election, and other exhibits including required correspondence to comply with the tax code and a completed form 3115 if you need to change your accounting method. The tax return examples include how and where to report your trading activities, what you need to do if you want to deduct health insurance or retirement plan contributions, and many other items that you'll need.

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