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Telephone Consultation Services
D A Y T R A D E R T A X . C O M
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Our telephone consultation services are intended for those individuals who may not need our more comprehensive products. Perhaps you only need a few questions answered, or you would like something researched. Maybe your a "do-it-your-self-er" but would feel better if a tax professional reviewed something for you.  We are here to provide these types of limited services for you at very affordable prices.

We provide teleconference consultations in thirty-minute increments.  Once purchased, you will receive an authorization number and should immediately call our office to schedule your appointment.  In most cases we will be able to accommodate you within one business day.  NOTE:  during tax season, due to strong demand for this service, teleconferences are scheduled on a first come first serve basis

Each conference will be charged in minimum increments of 30 minutes. However if you purchased one hour of our time, and only use 30 minutes in your initial teleconference, the remaining unused time remains in a time bank for future use. This time does not have to be applied to teleconferences, we can perform research assignments for you, review and/or prepare tax filings, and it can be applied to any of the professional services our firm provides.  Most tax questions or specific item reviews can be completed within 30 minutes. 

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We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.


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